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Birthdate:Feb 29
Location:Texas, United States of America

created by: ruby_icons

[About ME:]
I am a tv and movie buff. I pretty much spend most of my time watching the tube. I try to find time to get in a book or two. I have a harder time trying to practice my drawing but i do love to doodle. Below are some of my favorite shows.

Tv Shows:

made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons

made by __iiicons

made by tvgurl_offcouch

Other than the Tv shows in glorious graphics above that I watch are:
House, The Office (UK & US),Heroes, Gilmore Girls, THe New Doctor Who, Battlestar Galatica and Stargate Atlantis. There has to be more shows than this....Hmmmm..

[ The Rest ]
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A million thank u's to mercscilla and street_of_mercy for the Rose/Ten Header
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pimping simon stills & immortal-memories:simon_stillsAnd...
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